Friday, 10 February 2017

                                                       गुरुदेव ..

सोचती हु में , कौन हो तुम , अद्भुत ,अविश्वनीय और चमत्कार हो तुम,

इतना सुन्दर एहसास है तुमसे मिलने का, हे  गुरुदेव हर जगह तुम्हे पाया;

गुरूजी तुम एक ज्योत हो में एक दिया मेरी ज़िन्दगी में उजाला तुमने ही लाया;

५ सूत्र बता ज़िन्दगी  के डरो को दूर भगाया और इसे बेहतर बनाया;

तुमने इस दिल में भक्ति का अलख जगाया ;

हे !  रवि शंकर  बना लो तुम मुझे अपना साया;

सत्संग ,सेवा और साधना  तुमने सबमे जगाया ;

इस दुनिया को तुमने एक परिवार बनाया;

तुमने इतना प्यार दिया  की अब ;

हे  गुरूजी रोम रोम में तुम्हारा नाम समाया

Wednesday, 4 November 2015

You are my Rockstar

I was introduced to new world, when I met you,
I took rebirth when you saw me;
Me dancing in joy since you saw me;
Yes I feel new and fresh since I know you;
Thanks for choosing me
You are my best friend and my Guru,
Sri Sri I love you

Thursday, 3 September 2015

Yeh Lamha

                                 Ud raha hun mein idhar udhar, Kagaz ki tarah hawa ke Jhoko mein,
                                 bachpan ke khel -> sithol, kho kho , kabaddi aur galiyon mein khel
                                 Cycle chala pahli baar, Engg me selection & college ka excitement,
                                                                  Ha un lamho mein

                                                                         Baki hai abhi aur

Friday, 10 July 2015

Observe,Filter and Surrender


In life we follow pattern of emotions love, anger, hate, joy, enthusiasm, loneliness, worry….. Positive emotions and negative emotions... “Jitney log utni list Lambi”.  I used to think it happens with me only, but its human nature.

Dear Friends, sharing great piece of knowledge, which you come across only fewer times in life. 

Some knowledge from Rishi Nityapragya's satsang … Rishi Nitipragaya is art of living teacher.

“Moment to moment, life is going on. In every moment there are 2 sections to your life - The outer world and the inner world. Outer world is made up of people, situation, and things. Inner world is made up of Mind, intellect, memory and ego.
With different people and in different situations different flavours come up in you. If you observe your inner flavours, there is a lot of repetitiveness in it. Same flavours are coming up in you again and again and again. These are called as habits, tendencies or patterns (Vrittis).
For example, If you have the habit of getting angry, though you may feel that somebody's behaviour is making you angry the fact is that you already have the tendency or habit to get angry. If you did not have the habit of anger the same behaviour from somebody would not make you feel angry. Some other experience would happen.

Sometimes you feel there is a possibility of something going wrong in a situation that is making you worried. I am saying you are worrying because of your habit of worrying. If you did not have the tendency to worry, the same situation will not make you worried, you will experience something else. 

"People, situations or things in the outer world are merely triggering habits in you." 
There are two types of habits (Vrittis) . Habits that are harmful for your life (Klisht Vrittis) and habits are beneficial for your life (Aklisht Vrittis). There are harmful and beneficial habits in all 3 aspects of your life - 
'Mansa' - at the mind level
'Vacha' -at the speaking level
'Karmana'- at the doership level

These habits immensely influence the quality of your life. Now let us see how these habits are formed. Your repetitive indulgence in any activity either at Mansa, Vacha or Karmana aspect, create these habits. The habits of anger, worrying, enthusiasm or taking responsibility are all because we have repetitively experienced these flavours in the past. If you want to be free from any habit and you keep dropping that flavour from your mind with commitment, gradually that habit will lose its grip on your mind.
There is a simple, yet extremely powerful 3 step process if you want to be free from harmful tendencies.

STEP 1: OBSERVE: Keep a watch on your inner atmosphere. In different situations with different people whatever flavours are coming up in you, keep on observing them

STEP 2: FILTER: Whatever is happening in your inner atmosphere apply a filter of intelligence (Vivek) on it. You decide what is worth keeping, and what is not worth keeping. These flavours come up in you because of your tendencies, but as you learn to apply the filter of wisdom you get the freedom to choose what you want to keep and what you want to drop. 

STEP 3: SURRENDER: The nature has given you this fantastic ability to let go, to surrender, to drop and to release. Simple technique is to keep on taking long full breaths and with every outgoing breath, keep on releasing any thought, emotion, memory, judgement or ego that you want to drop. Remember if the file is big, it might take a little time to delete it, but the delete button always works and that is your outgoing breath.

The only hindrance in the process of release is your own ego. Ego doesn't want to drop stuff and be free. Ego wants to blame and glorify our own miseries. The ego that blames others is called "Victim consciousness" and the ego that blames oneself is called the "Guilt consciousness". Save your mind from the dangerous flavours of ego i.e. Guilt and Victim. If your ego doesn't want to drop something, no amount of breathing will help you.

To be happy is our own responsibility. Let us learn to fulfil that responsibility.

Let us Observe, Filter & Surrender all reasons of unhappiness, negative emotion, garbage of the past, unnecessary ego (superiority and inferiority complexes) and be free.

All you need is committed skilful effort of observe, filter & surrender!”

I am trying to implement same and ya!! If your intentions are good, God will help you in every possible way , resources will come and help you it’s a rule. Just have faith on this.

Enjoy Life and Think Positive.. Only good is going to come in way

Monday, 1 June 2015

21 June

21 June, This day is marked as World Yoga day. Aha!! Cheers to all who did this beautiful work to make world familiarize with YOGA. Kudos to all J.  Yoga (YOG (addition) + APAN(self)), which makes BIG APAN.


Yoga is a recipe which adds flavour in you and gives vision to see world and yourself from different perspective. You would be thinking everyone says same blah, how a series of exercise can bring change in you? I was same few years back and too lazy and busy to take out 30 minutes , Ironically I used to have plenty amount of time with TV , studies , travelling and chatting.

Gradually, I realized life and emotions are controlling me. I Googled for solution, I went through article which said when you have many responsibilities and expectations to fulfil and time is only 24 hours what should I do, increase your energy and vision. YOGA is useful here.

I started half heartedly, let’s try it. After two months people said me you are looking fresh and glowing.  My introspection says I am new version of me. More positive , enthusiastic, and energetic and less complaining. Thanks to my Yoga pack of Padmasadhana, Suryanamaskar and Sudarshan Kriya. I am enjoying new version of me.  

So, don't wait to give your soul, breath and mind more luxury. 

Monday, 6 April 2015

Choti si hai Zindagi


  Today morning i received this beautiful poem. It is written by dear Guruji( Sri Sri Ravi Shankar Ji) 

Choti si zindagi hai, Har baat mein khush raho.
Jo Chehra paas na ho, Uski aawaz mein khush raho.
Koi rutha ho tumse,Uske is andaz mein kush raho.
Jo laut ke nahi aane wale,Un lamhon ki yaad mein khus raho.
Kal kisne hai dekha hai , Apne aaj mein khush raho.
Khushiyo ka intezaar kisliye,Dusron ki muskan mein khush raho
Kyun tadpate ho har pal kisi ke saath ko, Kabhi to apne aap mein khush raho.
Chotti si to zindagi hai, har haal mein khush raho

Tuesday, 24 February 2015

             Journey begins here... :) :)

John wanted to go to a place where he may gain ultimate joy. Unaware of his destination he kept on moving ahead, meeting new people and exploring new passion. One day he met group of tourist which told him they visited place where he will find his goal. He took the address and went there.

In the middle path he met a girl whom he started loving. They married and spent some time together but as the time passed he start feeling restless, in want of something else, more colours in life. He packed his luggage to go to place mentioned by tourist, told his wife to call her there. He took flight and landed on that place. He was looking for same joy what he was missing. One day he saw some children. He noticed he found what he wanted.

Suddenly, John heard someone was calling his name, who is he?? Some familiar voice, coming closer to him.. John John..Come. He thought whose voice is this and turned back.. It was the same guy with whom he used to chat for hours. John was surprised what he was doing here??

This question realised him truth …. The true realization….
“That he was taking nap on a desk…The desk of his workplace “ J J . He got up with enthusiasm.
Next day he threw party to his friends and family. He knew what he learnt from that child to be content and happy …….. Here the new journey began..